The pursuit of wellness is an ongoing and constantly evolving activity. There are many avenues that have the potential to benefit an individual’s wellness. Because we are all so different, both physically and mentally, this pursuit is going to be unique for all. Similar to an iceberg – the amount of beneficial activities and actions that lie below the surface are much more immense than what first meets the eye. There are many things we all can and should do for ourselves when trying to improve ourselves, but figuring out what truly works for you will take a deep dive to look at your iceberg from top to bottom.

My own personal pursuit of wellness is a comprehensive mix of actions and habits I’ve accumulated over time. The goal was to build a consistent routine that centers around the behaviors that yield the most positive impacts. The development of this routine will take time, but asking questions, paying attention to how you feel, and consistently reflecting on what works and what doesn’t work can help cut down unnecessary dead time. 

CBD is a great example of how one amazing tool can have a huge positive impact on the overall iceberg of wellness. Implementing CBD into my daily routine has had an incredible influence not only from its own direct benefits, but also its ability to help enhance the overall recipe. My ability to find an incredibly potent and consistent anti-inflammatory response in CBD has helped me optimize my ability to enhance my overall health. Over a long period of sustaining and recovering from injuries, I’ve learned that it’s important to understand how beneficial it can be to consider every part of the wellness iceberg. 

If you are willing to chip away at negative or harmful variables from your metaphorical iceberg, you can achieve the same outcome as adding positive ones. It is when we conquer this struggle that we are able to create the model for a powerful journey to wellness. As we look to expose more and more of this iceberg, being able to develop ingredients like CBD into the positive habits that we can stack one after another will only have a positive impact on your health.

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